Day Trip: Waco, TX

Waco, TX-2 Magnolia
I’m nuts about the HGTV show Fixer Upper. I mean, who isn’t at this point?

Between Jo and Chip’s adorable banter and the magic they work on those fixer uppers, I knew I had to make the trip out to Magnolia Market at the Silos.

Magnolia Market at the Silos has plenty to do for visitors to fill up an afternoon. There’s a warehouse-like shop, garden, lawn games, food trucks, and soon there will be a garden shop and bakery. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely appreciate that every aspect has that irresistible charm and attention to detail that the Gaines are know for.

When my friend Erin and I realized that we were both free during the same weekend in Austin, we knew it was time for a day-trip to Waco and all things shiplap.

Waco lies a cool 1.5 hours-ish north of Austin so it made for an easy trip to fill up up your day. If you’re thinking of coming from Dallas and heading south, the distance is about the same.

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Once we arrived in Waco after an early morning start, we drove around the immediate area surrounding the Silos to scope out the parking situation. There were plenty of pay-to-park lots in the area, but we found that if you you’re willing to drive a bit further down, there’s plenty of free street parking.

The dreary May weather ended up helping – we think it frightened some of the weekend crowd we were expecting. Once parked, we were greeted by that great combo of Texas humidity, some sunshine, and lots of mud. Awesome.

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Photo Op #1 came before we even entered the area. On the wall near where it looks like they get shipments, there’s a giant logo painted. We definitely weren’t the only people stopping for photos, so don’t be shy – walk up and pose!

As you walk along the main buildings, you’ll find the entrance to the market and lawn right by the Silos. We walked straight into the market since we saw they had staff on hand to control lines. We waited about 30 seconds and then entered the market.

Inside, you can feel the excitement. There’s plenty of home goods around – all look like they’ve been hand-picked by Jo herself! They offer beautiful pieces for every part of your house, you’ve just got to be ready to fight the crowd to get to them. Erin and I weren’t there for home decor though, we were on a mission for Magnolia Farms merch.

There’s a few spots throughout the two major areas of the market to get your hands on Magnolia Farms goodies so don’t fret if you can’t find the hats or the shirt you want right away. I knew I had to get a “#demoday” shirt and was pretty narrowed in on that until I had my size in hand. Upon browsing, I also picked up a signature candle and a campfire mug. Erin also picked up some shirts, baseball caps, and beautiful wood postcards. You can check out most of their branded merch here. Once we had our goods in hand, we waited in line to check out. I really appreciate their sales staff – they confirmed every item we were purchasing and went to pick up another shirt size for Erin when we realized she grabbed the wrong size.

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Photo Op #2 is just the outdoors itself. There’s plenty of lawn to play games on, a play structure, and the Silos just photograph beautifully. We strolled around and checked out the gardens and fairy houses and awed over the fresh veggies growing in the garden. You can also see the building that looks like it’ll soon be a gardening store.

We then wandered through the food trucks and grabbed some fresh juice from Luna Juice Bar and sat down on the benches to take the entire setting in. We noticed lots of families visiting – the whole atmosphere is extremely welcoming to kids running around outside and families spending time together.

Since it wasn’t as crowded as we anticipated and opted not to have lunch there, we were able to visit everything in less than 2 hours on site. I’m sure once the garden shop and the bakery open, it’ll be easier to spend a lot more time there.

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Before we left the Silos, we stopped for Photo Op #3 – right at the entrance of the entire Market and Silos. The staff know people love this photo op – a very friendly staffer was stationed there to take group photos!

In order to make the most of our day, we walked around the corner to the Dr. Pepper Museum. It was a 4 minute walk from the Silos and for fans of the drink, it’s a fun visit. Check out Groupon before going for discounts on tickets. The museum itself is very self-guided and laid out in an, well, interesting fashion. At the end of the tour, we grabbed some Dr. Pepper and vanilla ice cream floats – highly recommended. While we were slurping those up, we noticed a continual line to get into the museum. It’s cute, air-conditioned, about a local Texas product – and walking distance from Magnolia Market. No wonder it’s so popular!

From here, we went to drive by the Harp Design Co. shop and take a peak at their house next door. We didn’t stop in since we were ready to head back to Austin, but there were plenty of cars parked along the street!

Ultimately, I recommend the trip out to Magnolia Market at the Silos for fans of the show. We were so enchanted by the charm and the community you felt. As the area gets built out, I think it’ll have more to do for even non-fans of the show. If you’re a day tripping area or even if you’re looking for an opportunity stop and stretch your legs on a drive between Dallas and Austin, definitely stop! You’ll be so inspired by shiplap, I promise.