My name is Misty. I’ve always been a traveler at heart. As a kid, I had the amazing opportunity to travel abroad from a young age and take visits across the West Coast of the United States.

As I got a bit older, a bit wiser, and bit more able to front my own travel bill, my travel radius broadened greatly.

I spent a couple of years working abroad in Japan as an English teacher and began perfecting my weekender trip techniques. Living abroad ignited my interest in traveling and I quickly added longer backpacking trips through Europe under my belt.

Living stateside again, I’ve focused on ways to fill my weekends with food, friends, drinks, and adventures, regardless if I’m sticking around my current home of Austin, TX or if I’m off exploring another US city.

Since I spend so much of my time researching trips, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned with everyone. My goal is to organize information based on the types of questions I usually get from friends and family when they plan trips.

I can’t wait to share this wanderlust with y’all! Be sure to let me know if you’ve got any travel tricks or must-sees!

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